Production of tools and spare parts for hydraulic hammers


SAMEP TOOLS is a family-run business created out of a passion for mechanical engineering. Today, the company has a truly global reach and services the best-known names in the sector. With a 30-year focus on the demolition sector, our company prides itself on its engineers and technicians, whose hands-on expertise is based on a thorough understanding of technological developments in hydraulic hammers, enabling us to provide a wide range of products, including spare parts for the latest generation of hammers. Perpetually geared for growth, management has invested in development, in highly qualified personnel, cutting-edge machinery and production technology and – last but not least - two warehouses now handling over 9,000 different items and spare parts. Based on a consolidated worldwide reputation, the company has been able to extend the manufacturing facility, currently 5.000 square meters, and to open a branch in Spain, with its own warehouse. The Sales office, Production and R&D close cooperate to provide clients with consulting services and dedicated solutions.



All mechanical engineering processes are carried out by CNC machine tools: we manufacture an average of 2,000 items per month, with rapid lead times.


The workshop can also provide customised solutions for your hammers, including:





Our warehouse makes items quickly available: over 8.000 tools and 3.000 spare parts meeting our customer needs. We carry out over 5.000 shipments yearly, working with reliable partners such as TNT and DHL, for fast deliveries worldwide.




Ensuring quality means, first of all, choosing the right materials: our engineers select top quality steel alloys, based on the specific function of each spare part within the hammer.

Numerous tests certify production quality:

  • Steel alloy spectrometry analysis
  • Ultrasound sounding of all steel bars
  • Compliance testing
  • Hardness measurement after heat treatment


Every item is subject to strict controls and is given a unique serial number: supplying quality products is our priority.


Heat treatment

Each spare part requires a specific heat treatment: our experts decide the process to be followed and monitor its progress to completion.


Research & Development

Using metallurgical analysis tools, the R&D Department develops new materials and upgrades the production process.



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